Prometheus_Open Food Lab

_exploration #1

3rd-6th February 2018
Former ENI Village, Borca di Cadore (BL) -ITALY


Angelica Stimpfl

Giulia Fassina

Matteo Ghigino

Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun

Prometheus- Open Food Lab is a project whose aim is to generate, recover and (re)distribute knowledge relating to food.
The eventual goal is to support resilience in remote areas, starting from the secluded spaces of our mind.
Food is not just nourishment, not mere survival. What interests us is, first and foremost, its function as a social catalyst and cultural “supplement”. It is able to change the perpective we look at the world with, it is capable of flipping over the frameworks of meaning that relegate places to remoteness. Remoteness as a mental state. We will explore these locations of the mind and culture as if they were another planet entirely. We are transdimentional explorers in this space that is both virginal and yet already violated in the most intimate meaning of the word. We look for intelligent life forms that may be able to generate intelligent forms of life.
Intermittent memories of ancient civilizations tell us that there was life here, before ski resorts and tourism of intermittent people with no memory at all. The space was emptied by the heap of clichés which drags itself along the plains below its own tedious bulk, then crumbles and flattens like an avalanche. It presents itself naked, and ready to be filled, once more, in this vacation. There, where rock, lighter, soars towards the sky.
The question is, rather if we ourselves are ready or could we still be, when the only sensible thing to do will be to give a meaning, once more, to these remote places, which are actually close to us, because they are only remote in our mind! Would we still have meaning ourselves at that point, or could we only rely on our senses? Too late, then, to be explorers?
Explorers, revolutionaries and spirits of times long gone refuse the plains and sense the weight of those places where gravity loses its intensity, without making the steps of people wishing to climb on them lighter.
We will make these locations our base of operations, a launch pad of future, and plenty in number, explorations, thanks to Dolomiti Contemporanee, which has agreed to lend us the structures of Progettoborca to undertake our training.

Introduction to the _explorers by Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun.

Giulia Fassina’s stills from her footage.