Prometheus_Open Food Lab

The _lab is the engine of Prometheus_, where everything is transformed. It is the elaborating device of the whole _system. Material from the _explorations and recollected from the _archive can be processed in this experimental kitchen. Far from be complete, yet it is equipped with the essentials needed to explore more and less conventional ways of cooking and processing edibles trying to find a space for them in the food realm. Which might also include other ways than cooking, to process them in order to let them be culturally accepted.
In fact, although the focus the Prometheus_lab is mainly related to the transformation of edibles into food it does not necessarily always comes through cooking. It is rather the result of multiple elaborations operated by different creative and scientific processes.

The _lab is, therefore, a multidisciplinary space for the _explorers to interact with each others and combine their competences. It is where the experience of the _explorations is recollected and elaborated to generate the richness of the user’s _archive involvement.

This is the hotbed and a testing ground for new ideas. Here the _explorers apply the knowledge acquired to new products, which is one of the funding strategies of the whole project.

Prometheus_lab, catalyst centre of the project, was born and developed in Progettoborca during the year 2018 (_exploration curvature). It is based in one of the spaces of the former infirmary, in the innards of the Colonia in Borca di Cadore. Expanding nucleus, it is the centre of operations for the exploration of the surrounding environment. Natural and cultural alike. Since _exploration #1, it involves an heterogeneous number of _explorers from the various branches of the thinking, able to offer an algorithm as much complex for the decoding of the landscape where the practice thakes place.

From this space, Prometheus_ orchestrates and structures the activities that constitute the twine of the diverse research and operational lines.

Prometheus_lab in Progettoborca: before the settlement.

Prometheus_lab in Progettoborca: now.