Prometheus_Open Food Lab

Sei scemo o mangi sassi

[either you are dumb or you eat stones]

The rock soup
by Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun

07 August 2020
Nuovo Spazio di Casso, Casso (PN)

In a landscape perceived as made of rocks alone, where the enchanted perception chains inhabitants to bare slopes, Prometheus release Tantalus from his torment. Eating stones is a cultural approach and practice which is all but figured. It means gaining back the tools to be actors of the landscape, to understand its resources. To crumble stereotypes.

Camilla Glorioso and Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun serving the rock soup. (photos by Giacomo De Donà)

The rock soup

Inspired by a leggendary recipe of misery from Livorno (and others around Europe), the edible digression translates some unsospected protagonists of the landscape into food.

Reactivated by Vaia tempest, shuffling the notes of the frail edible dictionary, stones, barks, roots, moss and lichens, fruits and herbs repopulate a languge with their minimal elements of significance. They enter a potential linguistic heritage.

The event took place in the occasion of double opening of the two solo exhibition la tempesta e miele curated by dolomiti contemporanee, as part of the programme of dolomiti days, in collaboration with con regione friuli venezia giulia, fondazione dolomiti unesco, comune di erto e casso.
sei scemo o mangi sassi takes part in cantieredivaia, the research project activated by dolomiti contemporanee after Vaia tempest in 2019.