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Camilla Glorioso

Almost obsessively interested in the beauty of mundane objects, my work is mostly driven by my curiosity for the unexpected in the everyday, working on photo stories and documentary series.
I try to re-calibrate my attention - and the viewer’s - from the obvious focus to something new using flattened perspective and tight crops while exploring themes such as sense of belonging, homesickness and our attachment to objects.

Most of my projects are linked together by an ongoing research that uses photography as a tool for emotional archaeology. I believe the camera is the perfect mediator to reconnect to places and people and unpack the way I look at my family, my loved ones, my hometown, my country.
Within this body of work: My Closest Friend (2018-2019), Scenario (ongoing) and Familiar: Archivio Affettivo Siciliano (Nov 2019)

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