Prometheus_Open Food Lab


Jewels are artefacts of tremendous power. Not only they are able to gather and collect it but they enhance it. Throughout times and cultures goldsmiths used to be taken in great consideration and their work used to be highly prised. Their ability to shape and mold precious metals and stones, capturing the light of the sun and the other celestial bodies used to make them considered as priests. Jewels used not only to define a rank or a social position but the actively provide men and women with the capability of understand their world, to change the definition of thing and to preserve what needed to be taken over. Vessels of stories, knowledge and technologies. Talismans which used to dress them with the elements of the landscape, with those elements they used to live and die off. It is an atavic mechanism and they were called to take care of those things, not for themselves but for everyone present and future. It works for food and for anything else. We get dressed, we eat, we see. And just then perhaps we would eventually care.

Massimo Tevarotto