Prometheus_Open Food Lab

Baking another planet- a new rise.

pictures by Stefania Zanetti,
curated by Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun
Prometheus_lab, former Colonia ENI
Borca di Cadore (BL)

Wild yeasts, spontaneous fermentations, rotten apples, expressions of the common sense. What is rottenness, again?
The matter boils over, non inert, by means of what the eye can't physically see, the inert mind don't consider. Water, flour, and time: the mathematic equation purified of biology and chemistry. The water is enemy of the flour. Always kept apart from each other to avoid the proliferation of undesirable life. To eventually join them in controlled microbial orgies, inspired by chance events.
As by chance was the life on this planet: from a first cell which processed the inert matter, chemicals only livable for itself. It arranged the possibility for other, more complex live forms that eventually generated a demiurge in their own image and likeness. And after its creation they started to look for it, to proof their imagination or the lack of it. Something who resembles us in the form, not in the substance. Or something that rises us to what we had created for ourselves. If we could imagine who created the life for us the power of our imagination seemed enough to create the life itself, climbing up again its principles. We escaped our gravitational perception, the one that defines our form to find other forms of life or life in other forms, exploring again those principles.
Kneading inert matter and life we could one day shape a new planet, all by ourselves. We would then be demiurges, the creators of a new life before having understood the one we have. Creators of a new planet before having understood how to take care of one. Generators of a new life before having understood how to keep it.