Prometheus_Open Food Lab

Stefania Zanetti

Photographer, Editor & Lecturer

“To me, everything has its own taste: memories, the imaginary to-do-list that leads me through the day, what I have not experience yet too. I erratically peck at life, from time to time I get lost indulging myself in soft, sweet emulsions or biting seeds, bitter and dry. I always get back to myself though, quite abruptly; I spit, then, recognising my feelings, smelling their scents. I analyse hierarchies, my impulses in connection.
Photography is the tool through which I scope human behaviours; I try to improve mine with. I love ripe persimmons with yoghurt, I eat baked pumpkins with cinnamon. I enjoy peeling chestnuts cooked on the woodstove. I believe in something magic I can't name. To write is the ideal practice to settle my innards, even more powerful if connected with images.
I could spend ages observing how people move, the direction of their gazes, how they approach a slice of watermelon, or a ripe pomegranate. Every beam or emotional glimmer opening a terse sky should always be celebrated and nourished. I love the concept of intimacy, seeking contact with the self, every gaze of understatement, complicity and waking up on my belly.”

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