Prometheus_Open Food Lab


Our research and practice has been inspired and boosted also by a conspicuous number of readings. Others will come as well. We would like these books and articles to be explicitly acknowledged in the process of the _lab so we decided to start collecting them in the _library not only for future _explorers but for the whole local community to benefit. The Prometheus_library, as the _archive, have both a physical and a digital dimension. We are planning to connect it to the local network of libraries spread on the territory.
It is a specialised section focused on topics related to food production and consumption, addressed according to all the disciplines represented in the project. The catalogue of the _library grows at every exploration with the titles suggested by the _explorers or according to the information gathered during the _explorations. Local people can consult the materials too and potentially, in a future, loan them.



The Preserve Journal

language: English

Mold #2- The Future of Food
Fall/Winter 2017

language: English
The Gourmand - Issue # 11

language: English


Imparare l’arte del foraging:
conoscere, raccogliere, consumare il cibo selvatico.

Valeria Margherita Mosca
Ed. Giunti

language: Italian

Bread & Butter:
History, Culture, Recipes.

Richard Snapes, Grant Harrington
& Eve Hemingway
Ed. Quadrille

language: English

Feast for the Eyes:
The Story of Food Photography

Susan Bright
Ed. aperture

language: English

Magnus Nilsson
Ed. Phaidon

language: English

Sarde e altre cose allo zolfo.

Leonardo Sciascia
Ed. Henry Beyle

language: Italian

What you See Then

language: Japanese, English

La grammatica dei sapori

Niki Segnit
Ed. Gribaudo

language: Italian

Il cibo produce e trasforma i paesaggi: letture del paesaggio agrario del Friuli Occidentale.

language: Italian
The Oldest Food on Earth:
A History of Australian Native Food

John Newton

language: English
Productive Mountains:
La montagna che produce.
Book of Abstracts

language: Italian
Vizi e virtù delle erbe.

language: Italian

Ladini oggi:
Temi e problemi di cultura e lingua ladina bellunese contemporanea.

language: Italian