Prometheus_Open Food Lab


MOLD is an online and print magazine about designing the future of food. Through in-depth, original reporting and a distinct vision for how design can transform our food system, our editors cover innovative ideas emerging from the world of food design and technology. From cellular agriculture to 3D food printing, entomophagy to beautifully designed tableware (and why it makes your meal taste better), MOLD spotlights the ideas that will revolutionize how we produce, prepare and eat food in the years to come.

A Seat at the Table
Fall/Winter 2017

  • icons of the table
  • knofe, fork, spoon, hand
  • experimental gastronomy
  • a seat at the table
  • food as connected device
  • designers on dining chairs
  • table for one
  • forging the future
  • dining under siege
  • eating tools for entomophagy
  • dining in virtual reality
  • a nomadic feast
  • culinary volumes
  • the age of algaculturalists
  • eating while old
  • martì guixé
  • the act of food
  • taste lab

At the end of March 2020, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the editors of Mold decided to to make the digital version of the magazine dowloadable for free. In order “ to continue the ethos of sharing knowledge with our wider community” they will keep doing the same,  allowing people to download the future issues too a few month after the print version is out.